Some Things I've Built

  • Spirograph Fun

    A fun little app I threw together to play with HTML5 canvas. Can randomly generate spirographs, or the user can create their own, then turn them into images.

  • Stackenblocken

    A game based on an old Conan O’Brien sketch. The aim is to get the shapes on the board as close to a 90° angle as possible in 5 seconds.

  • Talkie

    A little toy app built to play with the HTML5 speech HTML5 Web Speech API.

  • Flip Counter

    A small animated flip-counter that goes from 1 to N in a fun animation.
    Flip Counter

  • Silviarc - Architecture Portfolio

    Portfolio and personal website for architect Silvia Niedtner.
    Silviarc - Silvia Niedtner Architecture